Kamaya UK

Here at Kamaya, you can be assured that we are fully qualified to deliver all our courses and treatments.

We are excited at the expansion of the industry and we try to keep up with all the new products and treatments so that we can offer you all the latest innovations.

It’s a fast-paced world but we absolutely thrive on it!

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, but we never forget our human side – and yours too.

In this world there are many things that seem to exist purely to knock you down – not us – we like to share the love.

If you feel good, we do too!

All our staff are fully qualified and experienced in what they do. We ensure that all our staff are doing what they love and take pride in their work so they can give the customers the best treatment. That way we ensure you feel the best with their results.

Below is our list of treatments we offer and do have many more to come.

Express facial

Makeup with lashes

Makeup with lashes with hair styling

Microneedling £40 a session (see below for add ons)

CBD Facial
Pink Glow Facial

Bridal from

Peppermint Facial

Dragons Blood Facial

BB Glow


Pigmentation treatment from £35

Thread vein removal from £35

Acne treatment £50

Tattoo removal

Fungal nail treatment from £250 .

Carbon Facial £65 a session

Tattoo removal


Water Razor/Steam Dermaplaning


Hyaluron Mesotherapy

Chemical Peels

Radio Frequency

Hydro Facial

Plasma Skin Tightening Treatment


Jaw Enhancement

Lip Fillers (needle)

Fat Dissolve Injections

Bition injection

Vitamin B12


Covid-19 anti body testing

Vitamin C

Breast and Bum Enhancement

No Needle Fat Dissolve

No Needle Lip Fillers

HIFU – Non Surgical Face Lift

Fat Freeze (coming soon)