Kamaya UK

         Kamaya Training Academy Terms and Conditions.

All Students Must Agree and Sign To Our Academy’s Terms and Conditions Before Taking Any Of Our Courses, if you have any questions before signing please do not hesitate to contact us at KAMYA and we will do our best to respond within 48hours.

To reserve your slot onto our courses we require a £75/£200.00 nonrefundable deposit along with your completed application form, the outstanding balance for the course is due on the day or prior to your course date.

Certain courses at KAMAYA require proof of previous qualifications for you to get onto your course/courses, a copy of your original certificate is required to be sent before your course date, Failure to do this KAMYA reserves the right to refuse students entering the class.


For any cancellations your deposit/booking fee will not be refunded, the date can be changed if you have given Kamaya trainers at least 14 days’ notice before your course date. If you do not show up to your course date scheduled and have paid a deposit and haven’t been in contact your deposit will not be refunded and for any future booking, you will be required to make full payment upfront.

In Emergency circumstances, KAMYA may need to reschedule or cancel a course, in this situation a full refund will be offered to the student if a future date isn’t suitable.

Payments/Payment Plans.

In the event of a cheque/debit payment being declined/referred, your course place will be suspended and if any changes occur to KAMAYA ACADEMY the charges will be passed on to the student to pay. If you chose to pay for your training courses monthly with a credit/debit card or an arranged dated for a bank transfer with KAMAYA, we reserve the right to make a reference to debt agencies to ascertain any outstanding debts against the student.

KAMAYA Training Academy reserve the rights to refuse payment plans with students.

Training days.

On your course date given and agreed by a student the student must come to the training days on time, in the event of the student being late/missing out on too much of the course entry to the class will be refused, an alternative date can be arranged with a re-booking fee of £40.00. At KAMAYA Training Academy we want you to expand/create a new future and a full day’s training makes a difference to your knowledge!

Health and Safety must be complied with throughout the day/days of your training.

All students must bring I.D with them on the day of their training to gain certification at the end of the training day/days, KAMAYA has a right to refuse certification without I.D. A Re-issue of your certification if lost will cost students £20.00.

On the day of your training if your trainer thinks the student needs further education before being awarded their certificate we have the right to not give students certificates until they have been passed by the tutor (date will be arranged with tutor and student to come back for further education).


At KAMAYA Training academy we value our students and always want to give you the best, we also want you as students to feel comfortable coming forward to us to resolve any issues, if you have any complaints/issues with your training please contact us and we will do our utmost best to reply within 3-5 working days. At KAMAYA we do provide kits with some of our training courses if you have any issues, please contact us so we can contact our suppliers, this may take 7-14 working days due to response time with suppliers.

If an emergency does occur outside of work and you need our advice, please send KAMAYA a message or ring and we will help you out.